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When is sweating excessive, and why can it happen?

Sweating is a normal physiological function. Sometimes it can be excessive and the reasons for this are not fully understood. There is often a family history for the focal type of sweating.


Is it common?

As many as 1 in 35 people may sweat excessively from certain areas of the body, with the majority of those suffering from the axillary area.


Is it be dangerous?

Rarely, excessive sweating can be due to a medical disorder. This may be infection, hormonal imbalance, cancer or neurological disturbance to name a few. Occasionally, it is also due to prescribed medication. Hallmarks for this sort of sweating may be night sweats and sweating all over.


What can be done?

In the underarm areas, a high dose aluminium containing antiperspirant like Driclor® (estimated RRP is $17 and available from most chemists) can be useful. If that is ineffective, irritating or both, then an injectable (anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant) medication has been proven to help in clinical trials. Injections are very superficial into the skin and are usually well tolerated especially if local anaesthetic cream is used. This medication is PBS approved with a medicare rebatable injection procedure when it is administered by a trained neurologist in our Sweat Doctors clinics. It may also be a very effective treatment for excessive sweating in the palms and feet.


Why book with Sweat Doctors?

  • Book with our Australia-wide specialist sweat (hyperhidrosis) clinic finder
  • Range of treatment options available including use of anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant injection therapy (brand name cannot be listed due to medical regulations).

What should I do now?

We are now able to offer Telehealth (video or phone) consultations to all patients in Australia. Our Telehealth (video or phone) consultations employ very easy to use high-speed platforms, compatible with computers, hand-held devices (Apple and Android). This means you can have your consultation from virtually anywhere. Please note these consultations with a neurologist may attract a private fee and be partly rebatable, or be fully bulk-billed; please call 02 82871900 for details. Private payment is usually taken prior to the consultation.

You may also wish to know that if you qualify for and embark on injection therapy at our clinic, any gap cost of this initial Telehealth consultation may be discounted from our usual fee for treatment; this effectively means that this initial consultation would be free.


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