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At our clinics you will only be seen by expert medical specialists who are specially trained to deal with this medical problem. We are not cosmetic doctors but highly trained physicians – see how we can help and treat you in the first consultation.

Treatment can now involve a very successful injectable well-known muscle relaxant.


Advantages of the injectable medication:
  • Well tolerated and virtually painless with local anaesthetic cream for the underarms and regional nerve block/inhaled anaesthesia for the hands/feet. No side-effects as often seen with oral medication
  • Clinically proven to be effective in approximately 95% cases of underarm sweating
  • Is the procedure of choice for the underarms after antiperspirants have been tried
  • Medicare/PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) if you have tried a high dose aluminium containing antiperspirant (e.g. Driclor, Rexona or Dove Clinical Protection, Mitchum etc.) unsuccessfully in the underarms

Our doctors are all specially trained in this technique, which can also be applied to hands and feet sweating.

Steps to book with SweatDoctors 

1. Call our info line or submit an online form enquiry, so that we can assess if our team of doctors can help you.

2. Obtain information about your nearest clinic from our team.

3. Make an appointment to see the specialist with the information provided.

4. While waiting for your appointment with our specialist, see your doctor/GP regarding the necessary referral to our specialists.



A standard antiperspirant may reduce sweating by as little as 20%; the better antiperspirants with higher levels of aluminium can reduce sweating by up to 50%.

Choice asked manufacturers for this information, and while many chose not to oblige, information from those that did shows the following products have stronger levels of aluminium:

  • Driclor, Rexona and Dove Clinical Protection range:  20%
  • Nivea Silver Protect for Men Roll Roll-On: 15%
  • Garnier Mineral Roll-On range: 10%

Read more: here


What will happen?

In the assessment, one of the specialist neurologists will take a full medical history, conduct an examination, and talk about and customise your treatment program to suit your specific type and severity of sweating.

Most common areas for excessive sweating solutions:

  • Underarm | Axillary hyperhidrosis
  • Hand & Foot | Palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis
  • Head & Face | Craniofacial hyperhidrosis

See our clinics for the nearest specialist centre


COVID – 19 announcement

We are now able to offer Telehealth (video or phone) consultations to all patients in Australia. Our Telehealth (video or phone) consultations employ very easy to use high-speed platforms, compatible with computers, hand-held devices (Apple and Android). This means you can have your consultation from virtually anywhere. Please note these consultations with a neurologist may attract a private fee and be partly rebatable, or be fully bulk-billed; please call 02 82871900 for details. Private payment is usually taken prior to the consultation.

You may also wish to know that if you qualify for and embark on injection therapy at our Sydney clinic, any gap cost of this initial Telehealth consultation may be discounted from our usual fee for treatment; this effectively means that this initial consultation would be free.

For more information about excessive sweating: living with hyperhidrosis | severity scale | focal hyperhidrosis | generalised hyperhidrosis


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Range of treatment options available including use of anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant injection therapy (brand name cannot be listed due to medical regulations)



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