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NSW : New South Wales Sweat (hyperhidrosis) specialist clinic location


New South Wales

COVID – 19 announcement

Our Sydney clinic is now able to offer Telehealth (video or phone) consultations to all patients in Australia. Our Telehealth (video or phone) consultations employ very easy to use high-speed platforms, compatible with computers, hand-held devices (Apple and Android). This means you can have your consultation from virtually anywhere. Please note these consultations with a neurologist may attract a private fee and be partly rebatable, or be fully bulk-billed; please call 02 82871900 for details. Private payment is usually taken prior to the consultation.

You may also wish to know that if you qualify for and embark on injection therapy at our Sydney clinic, any gap cost of this initial Telehealth consultation may be discounted from our usual fee for treatment; this effectively means that this initial consultation would be free.  If you are considering visiting our Sydney clinic, please see snnn.com.au to see the steps we have taken during the covid emergency.

The Sweat Clinic

Sydney North Neurology & Neurophysiology

Suite C1, 210 Willoughby Rd, Naremburn 2065

T: 02 8287 1900

F: 02 8287 1901

E: info@snnn.com.au

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How to book an appointment:

Contact info@snnn.com.au or call 02 8287 1900

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